'Peanut Allergy Princess' is the story of one mom, one Princess with food allergies (to peanuts and brazil nuts) and our journey through the stress of life with food allergies. Here you will find many recipes, tips on living (and enjoying life) with food allergies, thoughts from a mother of 3 kids (The Brothers and The Princess) and insights into our life. Welcome!

Friday, March 1, 2013

It could be worse...

There are times as I sit thinking about The Princess, her allergies, the difficulties of getting people to be tolerant and accepting of food allergies, and what lies ahead in her life, I have a little pity party for what she has to deal with and what I have to deal with. It is hard to have a child with food allergies and know that they will experience some pain in life.

Than I remember that she is strong and healthy. Despite not being able to eat peanuts and brazil nuts, she has no other medical conditions. I realize that I should be grateful that this trial is very small compared to some... and it could be much worse.

I have recently learned about a young boy named Mitchell who has it much worse.  Check out the Facebook page his father created that follows his journey with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - a disease that is rapidly destroying his heart. Scrolling through the many posts and pictures has changed my views... there is no room in my life for a pity party.


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