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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Confessions of a Sugar Addict

Yep... that is me. A self-proclaimed recovering sugar addict. After years of eating lots of sugary treats every day, I have finally come to terms with my addiction and am working toward recovery. I haven't sworn off sugar completely but I have been trying to eat less. My biggest problem... I like to bake. And what do most people bake... cookies, brownies, cakes, crisps, cobblers, all that good stuff.

Now, I have nothing against treats... a person only lives once and part of life is enjoying yourself, which to me means enjoying all of life. But, too much of a good thing makes it not so good anymore, right? And, sugar, in any form, just plain isn't good for you.

So, why am I discussing this on our blog? I have noticed that the recipes that are most popular on the blog are the treats. There are some obvious reasons for that... a lot of treats contain eggs (and/or peanuts) so they are an obvious choice for recipes that need to be modified. And, everyone loves treats so, of course they are popular.  In our family, we try and do one treat per week (for us we do it on Sunday evenings. I will discuss some of our other nutritional goals in another post) . I am working on teaching The Princess and her brothers that they don't "need" a treat after every meal, or even every night after dinner. Bad habits are hard to break... it is easier to never learn them. Because dessert recipes are so popular,  I have felt a lot of pressure to post them here on the blog and have therefore been cooking way more dessert than I would generally like.

So, here is my warning that you may not see as many dessert recipes posted here on the blog. While this isn't a new years resolution, it may help some of my readers with their resolutions. Everyone can use a helping hand when trying to be healthier. There will still be yummy treats, but also more healthy breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner recipes as well.

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  1. Jana, I just can't believe that you have ever been a sugar addict. :) But I'd love to talk more about this topic with you cause I really am a sugar addict and need some help. :) I loved your post about food philosophies too! It's so true that we learn these food philosophies from our parents and grandparents. I'm trying so hard to break the philosophies that have been in my family for generations. I want to eat more real too. I don't want the bad habits of the past to continue on with my children. Thanks for your inspiration!

    1. Ann- you are too nice! I am just lucky that I have great genes and a super high metabolism so I can eat all that sugar and be thin. I just never had any energy.... and wanted to teach my kids different. You are doing awesome!! Keep up the good work and feel free to ask my any questions. :)