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Saturday, September 1, 2012

No Cook Oatmeal

I had plans to post this a bit earlier this morning, but thanks to the lightning early this morning, we thought our computer had been fried. Luckily, it did not fry and everything is safe but it was off limits for a time this morning. But now, we are back on track and ready to post.

I am very excited that the school week is finally over! Some weeks just seem longer than others and, for me, this was one of those. Here's to a long weekend to relax.

Now, for the last recipe in this week long segment, I wanted to post a more "adult" recipe (meaning this is one my kids really don't like).  I learned this recipe from Desiree at Unconventional Kitchen. Check out her site for tons of great tasting, healthy recipes and lots of tips for eating better. She also has a lot of information about eating gluten free.

Back to the oatmeal... I LOVE, LOVE this recipe. I find that I crave it a lot and could eat it almost every day. I will be sad when fresh berries are no longer available because they are the best with this oatmeal. It is super easy to throw together and is lighter than cooked oatmeal. This oatmeal keeps me full all morning and gives me tons of energy. Sounds amazing, right? It is!

You can make this in any quantity and mix or match ingredients according to your taste and what you have on hand. I generally just throw things in (without measuring) until it looks (and tastes) right to me.

No Cook Oatmeal

Old-fashioned Oats (not instant)

Raw Honey

Coconut Oil


Chopped nuts (I use a mix between walnuts, almonds and pecans - whatever I am in the mood for)

Almond Milk

Kefir (optional, but has a ton of good probiotics)

Fresh fruit (anything you have on hand, but berries are especially yummy!)

If your coconut oil is solid (meaning it is cold in your house), scoop some into a small bowl. Place the small bowl inside a larger bowl full of hot water for a few minutes until it becomes liquid.

Combine the oats, chopped nuts, raw honey, coconut oil and cinnamon in a bowl. Mix well to incorporate all of the coconut oil. If you leave it just sitting (without mixing), you will have hard chunks of coconut oil when you pour in the milk. Not very tasty - trust me.

Chop your favorite fresh fruit and throw it on top.

Pour almond milk (and kefir - if using) over the whole thing. You can let it soak for a few minutes if you have time or eat it right away.

Recipe adapted from Unconventional Kitchen

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