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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rainbows, Hope and Maya Angelou

This post by the Food Allergy Mama (Kelly Rudnicki) is a MUST-READ for all parents - not just those with a food allergic child.

Rainbows, Hope and Maya Angelou

My daughter isn't in school yet and won't be for a few years but I completely understand Kelly's sadness at children being left out and feeling alone. I have heard PTA mothers at my children's school complain about having to accommodate a child with food allergies or other dietary issues. They want to label those children as "different" and have them sit on the side-lines while other children have fun because it is too difficult or expensive to work around their needs. That is frustrating to a mother of a child who will be placed in that situation (a very dangerious situation) if nothing at my children's school changes. What mother would want that for her child? As Kelly says in the post  , "Food allergies are a disability NOT A CHOICE, and it’s time more schools take ownership of this fact and develop policies and procedures to reflect their commitment to keeping ALL children safe."

As parents, caregivers or people with food allergies, we can all do more to educate and teach others about food allergies. Now... please read the Food Allergy Mama's post. 


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