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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Functional... and in style

Remember when I said I might post about some crafts I have been working on. Well,  this post would be the one craft post for... we'll say the quarter. I told you early in the summer that I had been working on project that was taking up all my time and promised to show you when it was finished. Well... it has been finished for awhile now and I never showed you, so here it is. Ta-da!

I have always wanted a buffet of sorts in my "entry way" which is really just a wall in my living room, and after  months of looking, I found this one at just the right price. I bought this dresser used and while not in terrible shape, it was the wrong color and needed just a bit of love. It started out navy blue, but I wanted a "pop" of color in my living room. That is where the "project" came in. Adding the "pop" of color required some sanding, priming and repainting. Of course, the yellow paint color I bought wasn't the right shade, so I had to get creative and add some watered down craft paint on top of the yellow. I think I ended up using 5-6 coats of paint (in various colors) to get the finished product. I sanded it again to distress it a bit (this is where the navy underneath actually came in handy) and than sealed it. At the time, I didn't realize mustard yellow would be such a hot fall color. How exciting to be ahead of the style trend!

Not only does this add color to my living room... it is very functional. Which is a must!!

 We hide the kids shoes (any my husbands shoes, but I didn't think you needed to see 2 pictures of shoes) in the big drawers.

The small drawers house my husbands "stuff"(so it doesn't end up on the kitchen table), the mail to be sorted and current magazines and my crossfit workouts (which are currently written on scraps of paper, but will hopefully someday be organized in some way).

Of course we display pictures of the kids on top. All in all, I am very pleased at how it turned out! What do you think?

Now, here is a little taste of what is keeping me occupied at the moment.

We brought in top soil and seeded (with grass seed) our back yard last week... and 3 days later our irrigation water was shut off for the winter. Our new sprinkling system runs on that irrigation water so we are left with the task of hand-watering the entire yard (with culinary water) for the next few weeks.  This picture shows less than half the yard. It is a muddy and time consuming task and since the hubby is at work all day... it falls to me. The past 2 days have been unseasonably warm (in the mid to upper 80's) and it takes at least 2 hours to run and move all the sprinklers - and I am supposed to be doing it 3-4 times a day! Ok, enough complaining...  until the water bill comes and we see what this predicament has cost us.



  1. Uh, hey sis! When did you get so cool? I didn't even know you were doing this blog. Someday I would like to have kids and be a cool mom too, but after looking at this, and your facebook page, and everything else...I'm sure I don't have the time OR energy!

    1. Hey lil sis! I'm glad you found my blog.... I guess I never told you about it. :) I have a feeling you will be a way more cool mom than me one day - since you are way cooler aunt!!