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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Aren't they sweet?

There are many things that come with the beginning of the school year - one of them being school pictures. I seriously dislike school pictures. They (generally) aren't the best quality (especially if you forget it is picture day and your child wears a t-shirt and forgets to comb their hair) and in order to get them, you need to buy some ridiculous package with 1000 wallets that you couldn't possibly use. Obviously I am exaggerating (only slightly), but I really don't like them.

This year, I learned of a lady in my neighborhood who takes "school" pictures on her own. What a fabulous idea! They were very reasonably priced, they were done outside with natural lighting and I received a disc with the images (touched up as well). I get to order what I need (no wallets) and I am not stuck with extra prints. Needless to say... I will be doing this every year. Now if I could only find some way to use these pictures for The Brother's class pictures, I would be set!

So, here they are... Brother #1 (3rd grade), Brother #2 (Kindergarten), The Princess. Aren't they sweet?

And more... because they are so cute!


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